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At Smoke'n Dudes we know that quality BBQ starts with quality meat. That's why we offer a full line of the best meats you can buy.
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Master Kobe AA9+ Brisket

Widely regarded as the perfection of Wagyu beef, Master Kobe is suited only to the most exacting and demanding chefs who expect nothing but the world’s best beef. Only fullblood and purebred Wagyu cattle that grade a minimum of AA8 are eligible to wear the Master Kobe brand.

The intense marbling and aging process of this Wagyu Brisket combine for spectacular richness and flavor unparalleled by your average beef brisket.

Butcher’s Block Prime Pork St. Louis Style Ribs

All Butcher Block Prime Pork products are produced using an old world process with the efficiency’s of today’s technology, creating a modern day Revolution in the Pork industry. The products are infused with 42% fresh loin trimmings giving all the steaks and roasts consistent marbling and great flavor. This modern day larding of the meat allows you better holding times, quicker cooking times and a memorable eating experience.

White Marble Farms Pork Butts

White Marble Farms all natural premium pork comes from the heart of the Midwest. This select herd represents the finest traits from several breeds, resulting in consistent color, generous marbling, incredibly rich, juicy flavor, and excellent texture.

Creekstone Master Chef Prime Brisket

Whether you are on the BBQ circuit or an amateur enthusiast, these USDA Prime Briskets from Creekstone Farms will be the pride of your grill.