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When someone is hungry for a delicious barbecue meal, Pennsylvania is probably not the state that leaps into mind, as the country’s go to BBQ destination. However, that may be just the stroke of luck that has allowed a small, yet evolving, barbecue company, to thrive in Bensalem. Smoke’n Dudes BBQ Company started in the 1990s, as a weekend hobby for four buddies looking for something to fill their time.

“We all love to eat and be outside, so barbecue seemed a natural fit for us,” says founder Tom Christine. “Little did we know that this hobby would eventually turn into a full-time business.”

Authorized Southern Pride Distributor


Smoke’n Dudes has committed themselves to providing BBQ teams with the ability to purchase sauces and rubs that are consistently award winners. We also sell competition grade meats, such as Wagyu beef, Duroc and Berkshire pork, which is often difficult for the average barbecuer to acquire.

In addition to the meats, sauces, spices and rubs, Smoke’n Dudes is a dealer for Kamado Joe, Green Mountain Grills, Meadow Creek and Southern Pride.

quality meat=quality BBQ

Competition Meats

At Smoke'n Dudes we know that quality BBQ starts with quality meat.
That's why we offer a full line of the best meats you can buy.



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